Web Committee Update

Welcome to www.LakeSag.org. With updated and new features, including a mass mail function, blogs about gardening and deer resistant plant, and links to area sights and activities, our website is useful in communicating with your neighbors, planning outings, learning about the environment and the lake, and staying abreast of lake issues like the dam renovations. 
Www.Lakesag.org is a two-tiered site. The public who visits our site only sees a fraction of what Association members see after they login. By requiring members to login, content containing private information is hidden from the general public and spammers while giving Association members access to the Directory, Handbook, photos galleries, bylaws, Board minutes and news, issues of the Sagamore Sentinel, and other Lake information.
As requested in the last general member meeting, a mass mail feature has been added that allows any member to send a mass mail to other members. Once you login, you can access it from the “Communication” drop down menu bar at the top.  Click on “Mass Contact”. There are two lists you can mass mail: “all members with emails” and “the Board”. Please use it for lake related business only and not for solicitations of any personal causes. To create an email, add a subject and type in the message block. The formatting icons are pretty standard and allow you to add pictures, change the font and size of the text, etc.  Keep the “send as BBC” checked as a security precaution. When you are done click on the “send e-mail” button.  As you scroll down you will see it is possible to add up to three attachments.
I want to highlight the easy-to-use online Directory. Once you login, click the “Directory” icon on the right or from the dropdown menus at the top and the Directory is displayed. At the bottom of the screen there are options to zoom in or out and to see the directory as “full screen”.  Once it is full screen, hit escape to return it to regular size.  Also at the left bottom of the page, you will see an “attachment” link. Click on it and the directory as downloaded to your computer as a pdf file, and you are able to print it at your convenience.
Please use the website to update your own personal information for the directory. To see your current directory information, click on the PROFILE tab in the top menu bar after you log in. Update your profile at any time and the information in your profile will be used to update the Directory. Once you update your information, you have scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “save”.
Live updates are reflected under the “Resident” dropdown at the top when you click “User Name and Email”, but not immediately reflected in the online Directory because updating the directory is not currently automated.  Note that if you change your partner / spouse information in your profile, it does not automatically change it in his or her profile. Each member with a login has a profile that can be updated, so if there is any change in your spouse’s or partner’s information, please ask him or her to update their profile as well. 
Another handy feature is the ability to see pictures in the slide show on the home page and “picture gallery” in the box on the right in a larger format. For the new spring slideshow or gallery, just click on the pictures and it opens in a larger format on the screen.  
The best way to become familiar with the site features is to explore the links. You can't break it, so, login, click away and let me know what you think by using the "Contact Us" button on top.
I have developed LakeSag.org in Drupal, a content management system, at no cost to the Association. If you would like to know more technical details let me know using the “contact us” tab at the top of the page or stopping by our house at 121 Sagamore. Happy browsing!
Mitchell Cohen
Chair of the Web Committee