Sentinel Seeks Writers, Essayists, Reporters, and Reviewers


For Members of the Lake Sagamore Association:

We are the editors of the Lake Sagamore Sentinel and intend to publish the Sentinel during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Association members will receive printed copies. The Sentinel will also appear on our Lake Sag website,

From time to time, you may have an idea that you would care to submit to us. We will consider recipes, poetry, humor, observations of nature, do-it-yourself instructions, suggestions for care about the environment, and what-have-you. (Please understand that for reasons of space limitations, we do need to exercise some level of selectivity so not every submission may be accepted.) In addition, we would like to inaugurate a section tentatively called, "Hearthside Tales," where you could share some of your favorite stories--unusual happenings, historic moments, funny coincidences, how you came to be here, or just fond memories--that touch on Lake Sagamore in some way. If you are shy about submitting something that you think would be a good contribution, perhaps one of us can lend a hand. Get in touch. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


Doug Ingram and John Van Couvering